How Much Free Content Should I Share? How to Stand Out in the “Sea of Free”

How do we expand our reach, and how do we find our people online?

One of the most effective ways to find our people online is to put out really great free content. The challenges that small business owners face is that we don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to creating content.

So how do you create enough content? What IS enough content? How do you create it once and use it over and over?

3 Reasons Your Audience Will Invest After Consuming Free Content

Many experts worry that sharing free content will prevent their audience from investing to go deeper with them in paid programs.

Here’s the thing: no matter which niche you are in, your audience can likely already find tons of free content related to the problems they want help solving.

Just because there is free content out there related to what you do does not mean your audience will not invest at a premium level to work with you.

Your audience will invest to go deeper with you after diving into your free content because you can help them three ways:

  1. Systems – you have a replicable and predictable way to get results
  2. Synthesis – you have done the work of sifting through all the “stuff” out there and have streamlined and packaged it into an easy-to-implement focus
  3. Speed – you can help them get faster results using your method

You likely see experts marketing all the time who have the cheesy sales pitch related to free content. It sounds a lot like, “I’m going to share my three power secrets, BUT I’m only going to tell you one. If you want the other two, you have to purchase my program to see behind the curtain.”

This type of marketing does not feel good to the audience and, frankly, I can’t imagine that it feels good for the expert. The market has moved way beyond this type of approach.

How to Stand Out with Free Content

You can stand out when you change your mindset around free content and transcend this old school method of marketing. It’s okay to share your three secrets, and it’s okay to share your full system because understanding your system and being able to implement it are two totally different things.

The truth is, if implementation was as easy as it sounded, we wouldn’t even be talking about this, right?

Your people invest because they know that speed in implementation is the key to getting the results they want. Show your audience how you help them solve their problem and they will want to go deeper with you.

How to Decide on the Right Free Content for Your Business

We know that powerful free content is what’s going to attract people into the conversation with you. It’s what creates a first experience with you. The challenge is we don’t have a whole lot of time for creating that content, so the key is to focus on compelling content that you can create and reuse over and over.

One of the easiest ways to figure out what that powerful content is, is to think about the questions that your ideal, perfect clients have related to what you do.

Ask yourself “what questions do my people have?” and make a list of those questions. That list becomes a powerful springboard for lots of ideas for free content. You can translate those questions into blog posts, social media posts, videos, e-books, Instagram Reels, Facebook/Instagram Live topics, etc.

For example, one of our private clients is a high-level executive coach. She knows one of the big questions her ideal client has is “How do I find more time?” We developed a series of free content pieces related to these questions including a long form social media post, short form post, and short video (shot on her iPhone). She has leveraged these posts to get engagement from her audience before we move into her main launch for her upcoming course.

How Much Free Content is “Enough”?

We often hear from experts who have been told they need to create all kinds of free content before they can fill a paid program. It’s important to be realistic about the time you can spend creating free content.

When we first launched Create 6-Figure Courses Virtual Bootcamp, we had one piece of free content: a 60-minute webinar. This free webinar generated over $90k in revenue in our first two-week launch.

We did not have: a main website (only a course sales page), a blog, e-books,, or anything else.

If I had to choose one piece of free content, hands down the webinar wins.

I would recommend you start by creating a compelling, strategically developed webinar. We work on how to do this in our programs because it is a simple, proven method for sharing a free experience that enables your audience to decide if they are ready to do deeper work with you.

Next Steps

Share below what ideas you have about the questions you can help your people answer! This is how you can zone in on some really powerful content to attract your people.

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