How to Land Great Testimonials for Your Online Course Sales Page

Wondering how to get client testimonials for your online course’s sales page? Displaying testimonials is a powerful way to help your clients confidently decide that you are the guide for them. Let’s talk about how to get great testimonials that can help fill your online courses and coaching programs. Social proof factors into buying decisions. As Robert Cialdini shares in Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, “The principle of social proof says so: The greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more the idea will be correct.” This is why we check out Yelp reviews before trying out the new pizza place in town. The most powerful form of social proof is testimonials. The problem with most …

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How Much Free Content Should I Share? How to Stand Out in the “Sea of Free”

How do we expand our reach, and how do we find our people online? One of the most effective ways to find our people online is to put out really great free content. The challenges that small business owners face is that we don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to creating content. So how do you create enough content? What IS enough content? How do you create it once and use it over and over? 3 Reasons Your Audience Will Invest After Consuming Free Content Many experts worry that sharing free content will prevent their audience from investing to go deeper with them in paid programs. Here’s the thing: no matter which niche you are in, your …

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How to Leverage AI Tools to Create Online Courses

Whether the idea of AI thrills you or terrifies you, the reality is, it is here to stay, and it will eventually drastically change the way we work. The ability to craft content in record time is obviously a huge benefit to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. With juggling so many hats, the never-ending to-do lists sitting on our desks, and the consistently blacked-out calendars, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to delegate? Especially without the price tag that comes from virtual assistants or freelancers. Mix AI tools in with the fact that having an online course rolling on auto-pilot creates immense leverage and cash flow, and you have a match made in heaven. One that delivers freedom and the bandwidth to …

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How to Choose the Best Webinar Platform to Sell Your Online Course (in Just 2 Minutes)

Webinars are THE perfect way to find your ideal people online. Due to their unique ability to create an experience of you teaching while promoting your product at the same time, they are the highest converting lead magnet available. When you first set out to craft your webinar, there are tons of questions that come up: And the big one: Which webinar platform should I use? In the free download below, we will walk through a couple of questions that will help you choose your webinar platform in just two minutes, so you can spend your time focusing on what really matters: the deeper strategy and beliefs that will help move your people into action.

How to Play Big (Even When You’re Small)

If you’re just starting your business (or have been in business for a while as a ‘solopreneur’), it’s easy to think you’re at a disadvantage compared to bigger brands with large followings on social media, or the mega-mogul leaning against their newest red Ferrari celebrating the success of their recent launch. The truth is, you can play big — even when you are small. You have the freedom to be creative, to experiment, and to make your own rules. And, being a small business or solopreneur can actually be an advantage because you can focus on things that bigger brands aren’t able to. In this post, we’ll explore how you can use your size as an advantage to build stronger …

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How Do I Get Clear On My Point of Difference?

This is a really important question because when you are putting out your work, you have to be really clear with your audience about: What’s different about your approach?What’s different about your method?What’s different about the way you do what you do that gets results? The problem is that the better you are at something, the harder it is to see why. It is easier to notice what’s unique about how other people get results than it is to identify what is unique in yourself. The first step in defining a compelling point of difference is to notice what you do differently that produces different results. Once you notice what you do differently, you can share your unique approach as …

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Why You Should Never Email a Proposal to a Client (and What to Do Instead)

A client emails you and says “Send me a proposal on X, please.” Before you do the happy dance, there are some things you need to think about to create a winning proposal. Creating proposals can be hard work. You sit down to create the proposal and you begin to wonder… You find yourself exhausted and second-guessing the value you can bring to the table for your client. But, you persevere and hit “send” anyway. Then, you check your inbox. Nope, no response. The follow-up progress begins… You send one email. And then another. And another. You begin to wonder how many emails you can send before you are officially labeled as a stalker. Sometimes you get a response, and …

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Do I Need a Website to Launch My Online Course

Do I Need a Website to Sell an Online Course?

We’ve all been there. You’re super excited to check out this new product online. You pop open the product website, poke around a bit, and next thing you know you’re watching a video of J Lo dancing with Jimmy Fallon. It happens to all of us — falling into that big ol’ black hole of distraction.  So why are we surprised when it happens to our potential customers? It’s a lot of effort to get up and get their credit card out of their wallets, and when we’re competing with J Lo, she’ll always win. 😉 When you’re marketing your online course, it’s crucial that you’re strategic about where you send your potential customers to learn more about your program, and …

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$0 Budget for Advertising: How to Market Your Online Course Without Paid Ads

We see it often… Course creators get their courses to the finish line, then the marketing uncertainty sets in… “How do I find the right people?”“Which approach would resonate best with my audience?”“How do I know what to say in my landing page, emails, and webinars?” With so many strategies out there, it’s hard to tell what will produce the best results! What we do know as universal marketing truth, is that a deep connection with your ideal audience is essential. When you have the right messaging in place, it’s much easier for your audience to experience an a-ha moment around what you have to offer. The problem is… how do you know what the right messaging is when you’re …

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