How to Choose the Best Webinar Platform to Sell Your Online Course (in Just 2 Minutes)

Webinars are THE perfect way to find your ideal people online. Due to their unique ability to create an experience of you teaching while promoting your product at the same time, they are the highest converting lead magnet available. When you first set out to craft your webinar, there are tons of questions that come up: And the big one: Which webinar platform should I use? In the free download below, we will walk through a couple of questions that will help you choose your webinar platform in just two minutes, so you can spend your time focusing on what really matters: the deeper strategy and beliefs that will help move your people into action.

5 Sales Page Mistakes You Might Be Making – and How to Fix Them Fast

Are you struggling to effectively market your online course? Do you feel you’re not reaching as many potential customers as you could be, or the leads who do land on your sales page just aren’t “getting” what you are offering? If so, it’s possible that your sales page is not optimized to its full potential. In this post, we’ll explore five common sales page mistakes and provide practical, actionable suggestions to help you unlock the full potential of your online course so you can increase sales and help more people. Pull up your sales page, get a cup of coffee (or my current favorite, matcha), and let’s dive in! Mistake #1: You’re treating your sales page like an e-commerce website. …

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Why You Should Never Email a Proposal to a Client (and What to Do Instead)

A client emails you and says “Send me a proposal on X, please.” Before you do the happy dance, there are some things you need to think about to create a winning proposal. Creating proposals can be hard work. You sit down to create the proposal and you begin to wonder… You find yourself exhausted and second-guessing the value you can bring to the table for your client. But, you persevere and hit “send” anyway. Then, you check your inbox. Nope, no response. The follow-up progress begins… You send one email. And then another. And another. You begin to wonder how many emails you can send before you are officially labeled as a stalker. Sometimes you get a response, and …

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How Do I Convince Customers of the Value of My Online Course, Coaching Services, or Other Offers?

How do you find highly invested clients that want to do the deep work with you in your online course, coaching services, or other offers? Attracting highly invested clients that are ready and willing to invest to do the deep dive work with you begins long before they make a decision to enter into your course or your coaching program. Your clients decide on your value by looking at five “experience factors” that you can control. Let’s walk through these factors so that you can intentionally include these in your marketing. As we walk through these five factors, ask yourself, “Am I including this in the messaging I am putting out to my ideal clients?” The Five Factors You Must …

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10 Free Tools to Create a Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List

Ready to grow your email list with a lead magnet your audience will be racing to opt-in for? Then you’re in the right place! Before we dive into our list of 10 free tools to help you create a lead magnet, let’s talk about what a lead magnet is and what makes a lead magnet truly valuable for your potential clients. A lead magnet is a marketing tool that you use on your website, social media, and/or in interviews or speaking engagements to grow your audience. You will ask your potential lead to share their email address in exchange for free access to the lead magnet. Examples of different types of lead magnets: videos, giveaways, templates, special offers, guides, checklists, …

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How to Sell Your Course…When Your Audience Doesn’t Have the Money

The drive to become an entrepreneur is often derived from a deep passion to serve people. So many of us serve audiences who include people who are starting with limited resources, and we want to help them achieve something big. For example, if you’re a career coach who really wants to serve first generation college applicants or a health coach who wants to offer her services to people who desperately need help but don’t have the budget. When your intended audience has limited resources, it’s common to worry about your own profit potential, since your ideal offer may not be a feasible investment for the audience you wish to serve. It brings up the conundrum… is it viable to even …

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$0 Budget for Advertising: How to Market Your Online Course Without Paid Ads

We see it often… Course creators get their courses to the finish line, then the marketing uncertainty sets in… “How do I find the right people?”“Which approach would resonate best with my audience?”“How do I know what to say in my landing page, emails, and webinars?” With so many strategies out there, it’s hard to tell what will produce the best results! What we do know as universal marketing truth, is that a deep connection with your ideal audience is essential. When you have the right messaging in place, it’s much easier for your audience to experience an a-ha moment around what you have to offer. The problem is… how do you know what the right messaging is when you’re …

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Are Online Courses Over or a Thing of the Past?

So…let’s take a minute to address the elephant in the room; the question everyone is thinking… IS IT TOO LATE TO CREATE MY ONLINE COURSE? The peak-pandemic panic has subsided a bit, and things are opening up safely. Does this mean I missed my chance at creating more leverage in my business through an online course?