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Army Special Forces veteran with a passion for helping other veterans transition to civilian life
Eric is an Army Special Forces veteran with a passion for helping veterans navigate the emotional journey of separating from the service so they can use the transition as a catalyst for growth.
He knew there were many veterans out there silently struggling with making the transition to civilian life, but he felt overwhelmed by the thought of organizing and packaging all of his experience and expertise into a transformational online program that resonated with his audience. He was committed to creating a deep, thoughtful, and actionable program, and needed a thought partner to bring it to life.
Step-by-step, Eric worked with our team to bring his mission and vision to life. We worked together to sift through all of his expertise, revealing a clear, organized, step-by-step methodology that helps veterans develop the skills and self-awareness to transition out of the service and enjoy their lives outside the military. We created the course structure, supported him in developing his videos and tools, designed a beautiful custom sales page, and ultimately crafted a transformational learning experience that moves his students into action.
“I would rate working with Simple Seven a 10/10 experience.”
“The biggest benefit of working with their team was the way they were able to support me in framing the impact of each element of my course. You all have been great to work with.’
Creator of Separating From Service


Coach, consultant, and creator of Raise the B.A.R.R, supporting women in building a strategy and game plan for their ideal career vision
Beverly is a career coach helping women take their careers (and lives) to the next level.
She knew she could support more women in achieving career success, but struggled to stretch herself any more since her one-on-one client load was at capacity. She was confident in her expertise and methodology, but recognized she was not a content development specialist.
Beverly partnered with our team to create her entire course from front to back – including custom-branded tools and beautiful videos that moved her students through her online experience. We supported her through every element of the process, from her complete business model to marketing her program online to her ideal people. The result is a compelling, transformational course that delivers tangible results for her students.
“It felt like the team and I spoke the same language.”
“I’m 100% satisfied with the outcome [of my course]. I love the way the content looks and how it came together. I felt heard by them and the graphics complimented the content. I’m proud of what we created and could not have done it without Simple Seven Digital.”
Creator of Raise the B.A.R.R


A doctor helping people worldwide liberate themselves from diet culture
A doctor helping women retrain their responses to appetite so they can be liberated from diet culture forever.
Dr. Ashley came to us with a big vision and mission, and needed support bringing them to life.
She worked with our team to set up her business strategy and sift through years of her knowledge and expertise from working with patients. Working full time in her practice meant she was creating the online course “on the side.” Our team partnered with Ashley to create an impactful, transformative online experience for her ideal clients.
“They are experts in the process and ask exactly the right amount of the creator and nothing more.”
“The response time was lightning fast. The team members knew their roles. In addition to the service accelerating and improving my product pipeline, Simple Seven Digital is a really well-run company where I felt confident about what was happening in the background. They took my trust and honored it. They heard the transformation I was offering to learners. I cannot say enough about the effectiveness of the partnership. I work over full time and was building my course on the side. And I was able to because of their contribution. I will use them again and again.”
Creator of Responsive Eating

Dani R.

Seasoned veterinarian mentoring new vet school graduates
Dani is a seasoned veterinarian mentoring new vet school graduates.
She helps new grads become more confident in every aspect of their work, including the soft skills they weren’t taught in veterinary school. As a result, they confidently build trust with their clients, understand their value to the practice, and effectively manage their time so they can avoid burnout (a common issue among vets).
“I am crazy proud of what I’ve accomplished. I couldn’t have done any of it without you all.”
“I’m so glad I found you. I have worked so hard and this is so far out of my wheelhouse, and I am crazy proud of what I’ve accomplished. I couldn’t have done any of it without you all. I think you guys are so amazing and I can’t believe what you helped me create. My course is already filled with a first cohort (so crazy it filled up without any advertising!). I literally can’t thank each of you enough, this has been an amazing journey.”
Creator of The Ready, Vet, Go Mentorship Program

Gerald L.

Motivational expert, sales consultant, entertainer, author, and creator of Workplace Jazz
Gerald is a motivational expert, sales consultant, entertainer, and author.
He came to us because he wanted a seamless way to move people into deeper work after they read one of his books. He knew that having a course available on the back end of his book could increase his revenue without having to drive additional leads.
While he’s an expert author (on track for book #3 this year!), he knew that creating an online course was a completely different animal. He partnered with us so he could have an expert team with a track record help get his course and marketing to the finish line. Together, we created the Workplace Jazz method to help teams achieve peak performance.
“I was really impressed with the level of sophistication and the marketing strategy, as well as the way they formatted the tools and the sales page.”
“I literally fell in love with the way they did things. It was just amazing, because you could tell they really have expertise in design and in marketing. They took my logo and integrated the logo and colors throughout the course, leveraging the concepts of jazz, music, neuroscience, productivity, and diversity. I felt really proud of what we have created. I thought it was amazing, and they did an amazing job.”
Creator of Workplace Jazz

Stefanie F.

Speaker, team builder, and recruitment consultant helping salons grow
Stefanie is a speaker, team builder, and recruitment consultant helping salons grow and thrive.
She came to us feeling overwhelmed with her 17+ years of research and experience in the salon industry. She wasn’t sure how to sift through all of her content and structure it into an online offer.
Our team helped her navigate all of her ideas so she could narrow what she knew into a course that would help her ideal clients get results. As a consultant in the beauty industry, the impact of the pandemic meant it was extremely important for her to get her course out into the world and into the hands of her clients, who really needed her help.
Together, we developed the Salon Culture Archetype that empowers salon owners to cultivate the kind of culture and team environment that is magnetic for the right job candidate.
“I felt like I had a true partnership – people I could brainstorm with that were adding so much value to the process.”
“The team really sorted my thinking and took my overwhelm away around the content and some of the technical aspects.”
Creator of Build Your Beauty Dream Team

Linda R.

Award-winning artist, creator of Color Sense, helping artists transform and grow
Linda is a well-known, award-winning artist who creates clear, effective, and inspiring programs and retreats to help other artists transform and grow.
She knew she could help her audience get results with her course about working with color, but she was struggling with how to actually get it all done. She needed to pivot her in-person teaching to online course content and was struggling with all the dreaded “techie stuff.”
Step by step, Linda worked with our team to finally cross that “course complete” finish line she had been dreaming about for years. The best part? She stayed in her zone of genius and our team tackled everything else. Based on the strategy we created together, she also had students lining up to join her program before she even had the course completed.
“Working with the team was wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone looking to create an online course.”
“The biggest benefit in working together was the overall clarity. From the strategy to the overall execution on my course, even the complex was articulated in a way that was so clear and simple.”
Creator of Color Sense


Speaker and innovator who increases the capacity of leaders, teams, and organizations to fuel innovation, performance, and revenue
Jennifer is a speaker, innovator, technology leader, strategic advisor, and coach who is passionate about helping amazing people thrive in complex technical environments.
“I was surprised by the power of simplicity on the other side of complexity.”
“Before our session, we had big questions around how to distill all my complex body of work to deliver a valuable “just enough,’ not-overwhelming program that can be both lead generating AND delivery stand-alone value.
In an hour, I left the session with elegant clarity around not just the value proposition but also the phases of rollout of the offers we will create – starting with the online course. And, I then went and pre-sold it to a major Pharma company, who are waiting for the program launch in November.
I was surprised by the power of simplicity on the other side of complexity. They reviewed what I had sent them and were able to listen to all my fuzzy answers and create powerful simplicity and clarity in the value proposition that I could immediately pre-sell. I am confident that the course will be clear, crisp, valuable, and impactful. Excited!”


A career performance coach helping women of color who are ready to create massive shifts in their lives
Lauren is a career performance coach helping women of color who are ready to create massive shifts in their lives.
With a full client load (and a full life at home being a wife and mom of two), she needed a way to scale her business and grow her reach, without adding more of “her” to the mix.
Lauren worked strategically with our team to reverse-engineer the business and life she wanted to create by laying out her business plan and series of offerings first. From there, we worked together to create the initial course that would fuel her higher-level offers (all without creating more content).
“I would rate this experience a 10/10 for anyone who wants to create an online course.”
“Thank you for supporting me in shortening my timeline in achieving this goal!”
Creator of Make the Shift


Product creator turned attorney focused on licensing and copyright law to protect brands and businesses
Stephanie is a product creator turned attorney who focuses on licensing, contract negotiation, and using trademarks and copyrights to protect brands and businesses.
She has helped create thousands of products, worked on hundreds of licenses (including Sesame Street, Wizard of Oz, and more), and has filed almost 500 trademarks. She knew creating an online course would help her to serve her audience on a much larger scale than what she was capable of in her thriving, one-to-one practice.
Stephanie engaged our team to help her execute her vision and provide expert insight along the way to make it all happen.
“I am so proud of what we have created and truly believe it would not have turned out the same had I not used your rock star team!”
“The team is absolutely amazing! Helen and Madison were instrumental in getting me signed up and answering all my questions. My Content Strategist helped me map out the overview and assist with pricing. My Content Coach was amazingly insightful, honest, and fun. And especially my Project Manager who was unbelievable, patient, on top of every detail, kept things moving by keeping me informed in our weekly updates, answering every question I had in a timely manner and making sure everything was going smoothly. She went above and beyond, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for her assistance!”
Creator of Protect for Success™


An explosive content creator helping fresh talent take their platforms to the next level
With over 20 million (yep, MILLION) followers and billions of views of his video content, it’s safe to say Andres is a master at content development.
Working with our Course Creation Team allowed him to have a team of dedicated experts strategically craft his content through the lens of brain-based learning to develop an experience his customers won’t stop raving about.
A bonus: having our team become his team saved him time he could instead focus towards his current content empire, while our team developed a leveraged product to grow his reach.
“The biggest benefit I found was the incredible ability to put together all my thoughts and experiences into a well organized course.”
“I wouldn’t improve anything about working with the Simple Seven team. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.”
Creator of BEE a Creator: Build a Buzzworthy Content Brand That Pays


Chiropractor and creator of The Spinal Engineer Online Program
Dr. Mike is a Chiropractor and creator of The Spinal Engineer Online Program.
Dr. Mike is the owner of a multi-million dollar chiropractic practice, as well as a public speaker for both conferences and live television (maybe you have seen him on his latest features on ABC or Fox News?).
He knew adding an online course to his business model would be a strategic way to add leverage and security to his business, without adding more to his schedule. Dr. Mike worked with our team to pivot his existing content into an online experience for his ideal customer. His online course allows him to generate cash flow and sustain his business, no matter what is going on in the world.
“I was so impressed every step of the way.”
“I could not recommend the course creation services from Simple Seven enough. Their team is great and everything was communicated to me so clearly throughout the entire process.
My course would not have been possible without their expertise and guidance.”
Creator of The Spinal Engineer Online Program


An award-winning CEO of FWDthink, specializing in solutions for personal and professional growth
Rabiah is an award-winning CEO of FWDthink, a 10-year-old technology company, specializing in solutions for personal and professional growth for new entrepreneurs.
As an influencer, Rabiah talks extensively and honestly about her process, challenges, risks in business, and the simplicity of getting started where you are. As an additional extension of her desire to give and support others, Rabiah mentors new entrepreneurs and needed a way to serve on a larger scale, outside of private consulting.
Rabiah worked with our team to create her entire courses from front to back – every tool and every teaching segment – allowing her to build a huge asset in her business with little to no involvement of her time. Seriously. She now has a turnkey product in her business model that allows her to serve more business owners, without giving up additional time on her calendar.
“Everything looks fantastic and flows so well together. Your team has been lovely to work with.”
Creator of The Resilience Through Crisis Toolkit


A Holistic Health Coach and founder of Restore and Renew
Monica is a Holistic Health Coach and the founder of Restore and Renew.
After 20 years as a consultant and years closely working with clients, Monica was ready to create an online program to help women over 40 take charge of their body and brain health with confidence.
She engaged our team to get her course content to the finish line, as well as take the marketing elements off her plate so she could quickly pivot her expertise from one-to-one to an online format.
“I was amazed that they grasped me, my brand, my desired clients, built my storyboard, talking points, and helped me outline my webinar in just a few meetings.”
“Everyone showed an amazing talent for taking my written comments about my ideal clients, services, outcomes, and brand, and turning that into both actionable tools to help me complete the content AND graphics in the sales page, presentations, and tools. The copy was spot on with my message. There was very little back and forth, which tells me the team “got it.” Everyone kept to deadlines, kept their promises, and was very responsive. I know that sounds like the “basics,” but it’s rare these days.”
Creator of Vibrant Body, Bright Brain


An award-winning writer helping consultants drive their business growth and creator of The Right Book Mastermind
Amy is an Emmy-winning writer, editor, and interviewer of some of the most well-known experts in the world.
Amy wanted to use her knowledge to help others write their own book. The problem was that Amy wasn’t getting the reaction she should have had to her course and she couldn’t figure out why.
Amy and our team rolled up our sleeves for a deep dive strategy session on the positioning of her course. We narrowed the audience, narrowed the problem she was solving, and the transformation she would deliver. The result is a compelling, magnetic course that delivers tangible results for her students.
“Working with Jeanine and her amazing team on this done-for-you project was effortless.”
“From organizing and staying on deadline to creative and innovative approaches, they were always on top of things and produced beautiful designs. Highly recommend.”
Creator of The Right Book Mastermind


A leading business publication helping people grow in business and life
SUCCESS Magazine is a leading business publication dedicated to helping people grow in business and in life.
SUCCESS Magazine already had tons of content including interviews with some of the leading performance experts in the world. Content creation was not a challenge.
The problem was how to package this content into an engaging online learning experience that transformed the lives of their students and created a deeper connection with the magazine. We partnered to develop the long-term vision for the online learning division of SUCCESS and to create their brand new online course, “Life Without Limits.”
Kicking off with a free online journal that led into an accountability challenge, we were able to quickly attract a wait list of students ready to enroll into the online course when the doors opened. SUCCESS touched over 80,000 people’s lives through this experience.
“Collaborating is one of the best things we have done for our business.”
“At SUCCESS we own an overwhelming amount of content from many personal development leaders. She was able to quickly understand our audience and help us create valuable courses from new and existing content. Her approach to this business is refreshing and energizing. Not only did she help us launch a new funnel, but she set our business up for future success.”
Senior Director of SUCCESS.com


Real estate coach, author, top-producing Realtor®, and creator of the ProductionModel™
Fred is a real estate coach, author, top-producing Realtor®, and creator of The ProductionModel™.
As a real estate agent, Fred has averaged a deal a week for 30 years running. Fred’s success and proprietary method for generating sales naturally led him to become a success coach for other agents looking to grow their own real estate businesses. The problem was that Fred was quickly running out of bandwidth, with only so much of “him” to go around.
Fred launched his first course, TheProductionModel™, and within the first week of promoting was on track to have a multi-six-figure launch. The best part? Our team worked with Fred to strategically position his high-level offers and products on the back-end of his course. His people are eager to dive deeper with him after the initial course, without any new content or more of “him” in the mix.

Nancy H.

A psychiatrist and abstract artist helping artists do their most meaningful work and creator of The Artist’s Journey
Nancy is a psychiatrist and abstract artist helping artists do their most meaningful work. She’s the creator of The Artist’s Journey.
Nancy was fully booked in her practice and desperately wanted to start a business teaching art from anywhere in the world. Her goal was simple: she wanted the freedom to travel with her young daughter to support her in pursuing her training as an opera singer.
Our team rallied around Nancy and helped her to create her first wildly successful course by carving out a unique niche in a crowded market. In a blink, she had created a wildly successful multi-6 figure business that far exceeded her income from her private practice. Most importantly, because her courses were automated, it freed up time to work on something else that Nancy had always wanted to do: write.
“The Artist’s Journey has opened up experiences of connection with people all over the world.”
“Working with the team has transformed my life and helped me break through the resistance, break through the fear, and create something completely new. And it was miraculous. It has opened up experiences of connection with people all over the world. I have people writing to me every day, saying that the work I am doing has changed their lives… some people have said it has saved their lives.”
Creator of The Artist’s Journey


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