Our mission is to help you bring that dream to life.

That dream that you just can’t let go of: creating the life you really want while serving thousands of students with your mission in a leveraged way.

We have a knack for figuring out how to meet you where you are and reverse engineer an elegant strategic game plan that weaves in an online course to take you to YOUR idea of success – whatever that means to you.
Whether success means having the flexibility to drop off AND pick up your kids in car line every day, or to travel the world with your laptop (or just to work in your PJs some days), or catapult a multi 6-, 7-, or 8-figure online business, we’ve helped thousands of course creators like you package your expertise into a transformative online course.


“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning the day difficult.”
–E.B. White
But just because we like to have fun doesn’t mean we aren’t a real company. We are. We work with Fortune 500 companies. We do big things. We take small things and make them bigger. We might wear our sneakers most days, but that’s nothing to hold against us.

Helen Sellers

Senior Content Coach

Helen has been behind the scenes helping clients create and launch their online courses for close to 10 years. She loves connecting with experts like you, learning about your concept, and help you create a transformational course so you can make a big difference in the world.

Helen has a superpower is diving deep to truly understand what is most important to you and your audience and helping you translate your goals into an actionable, transformative program – both for your clients and your business. She has been behind the scenes of many six and seven-figure course launches in a multitude of niches, including personal development, marketing, leadership, business, art, health, and more. The care she brings to every person she collaborates with is truly next-level.

Helen lives in New Orleans, LA with her husband, baby girl, two young sons, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Bentley. She’s a New Orleans music enthusiast and is happy to share her recommendations!

Stacy Stone

Chief Operating Officer

If there was a most likely to win Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it would be Stacy Stone. Stacy’s incredible ability for knowing just about anything includes recommendations on the best Japanese ramen and your ideal skincare regime. But she especially shines when it comes to her expertise in online business strategy, advertising, online marketing, and course development, making her a powerhouse member of our team. Her 15+ years of experience managing millions of dollars in online course launches in hundreds of niches makes her an immense asset to any client she connects with.

Stacy lives in Atlanta, GA with her Golden Retriever, Hope. Her latest obsessions: robot vacuum cleaners and crafting delicious mocktails.

Madison Peralta

Chief Executive Officer

Madison has been the driving force behind hundreds of six and seven-figure course launches (both internally and for our clients). An expert in getting courses (and just about anything else) to the finish line, Madison leads our team in creating strategic offerings and services that deliver transformational results for our clients.

Her extensive background in digital marketing, product development, and strategy development means she can always see the most elegant, effective way to achieve your goals. Plus, her ability for breaking down the complex into an actionable game plan makes her our go-to person for projects big and small.

She lives in New Orleans, LA with her husband and miniature Australian Shepherd, Meeko. Madison is an avid foodie and traveler, having been to over 18 countries (with her favorite being Thailand). Feel free to pick her brain on all things culinary for your next visit to the Crescent City! (She has a Note in her phone for all the latest hot spots).