How Do I Get Clear On My Point of Difference?

This is a really important question because when you are putting out your work, you have to be really clear with your audience about:

What’s different about your approach?
What’s different about your method?
What’s different about the way you do what you do that gets results?

The problem is that the better you are at something, the harder it is to see why.

It is easier to notice what’s unique about how other people get results than it is to identify what is unique in yourself.

The first step in defining a compelling point of difference is to notice what you do differently that produces different results.

Once you notice what you do differently, you can share your unique approach as a system, model, or method for getting results.

We work with many experts to help them “download their brilliance.” We will spend a day identifying what makes their approach unique so that they can create unique intellectual property that they can market in their courses, coaching, and consulting offers.

There are three things to think about as you reflect on your point of difference:

1. Your Method

What are the steps you go through from Point A to getting the result at the end (Point B)? Notice how you approach the work you do.

How are your steps different from what most people do?

Your method is the actions you take to reach your goal. It’s the steps you take and the sequence of those steps. This can also include the tools you use, the way you approach problems and opportunities, and the plans you create.

For example, do you start in a different place compared to other experts? Or, do you add in steps that you feel make a big difference in results? Do you use tools in a unique way?

Write your steps down. Make notes about what is distinctive in your approach.

2. Your Movement

Is there a point of difference in how you take action to get results? Your movement is how you move from thought to action.

How do you activate? Move into action? What kind of pace do you move in? Is your approach faster? More measured? How frequently? What’s your discipline? Is there a point of difference in consistency? What’s your rhythm or daily ritual?

For example, imagine you are a marketing expert and you teach people your method for creating engaging content, which includes posting on social media every day. If they follow your method for creating content, but only post once a week, their results will be different even though they are using your content creation method.

3. Your Mindset

It’s likely that you also have a different mindset around what you do. You wouldn’t be getting bigger results if you didn’t.

Your mindset includes the reflection and the inquiry that help you move forward without letting fear or doubt stand in your way.

Is there an idea or concept that you embrace that makes a big difference in your results?

The way you think and believe is just as important to share as your method.

Many experts only share their method in their courses and programs, but method only gets you so far.

Sharing your method, your movement, and your mindset will equip your clients for real success.

These are three different lenses that you can think through so you can channel that inner watcher.

Imagine watching yourself doing what you do and notice with a fresh set of eyes: what do you do differently? What makes it easier? What could be improved?

I’d love for you to share in the comments one thing you think you do differently in your approach to getting the result!

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