How to Choose the Best Webinar Platform to Sell Your Online Course (in Just 2 Minutes)

Webinars are THE perfect way to find your ideal people online. Due to their unique ability to create an experience of you teaching while promoting your product at the same time, they are the highest converting lead magnet available.

When you first set out to craft your webinar, there are tons of questions that come up:

  • How long should my webinar be?
  • How do I choose my webinar topic?
  • What type of content should I include?
  • How do I ensure registrants show up for the session?
  • What are the best days and times to schedule webinars?
  • What should I include on my slides? (and what should I not include?)
  • How do I sell my product without feeling like ‚ÄúSlick Rick?

And the big one: Which webinar platform should I use?

In the free download below, we will walk through a couple of questions that will help you choose your webinar platform in just two minutes, so you can spend your time focusing on what really matters: the deeper strategy and beliefs that will help move your people into action.