Selling to Corporate: Connect What You Do to What Companies Buy

You might think that selling to corporate clients is a tough nut to crack. Not true, if you understand one critical rule: companies are all about the bottom line. If you want to get their attention, you need to speak their language.

And what’s their language, you ask? Profit!

If you can show small, medium, and large businesses how your online offers, coaching, or consulting can help increase sales or reduce costs, you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

So let’s get to work and figure out how you can help corporations with your expertise. In this post, we’ll walk through 4 different ways you can connect what you do to what small, medium, and large businesses want.

4 Things to Focus On When Selling to Corporate Clients

1. How can you help companies increase their number of customers?

Begin by thinking about how your expertise can help these businesses capture more clients.

Even if you don’t teach sales or marketing, there’s probably a way you can make this connection with your expertise.

Ask yourself:

  • What problems or challenges do businesses face when it comes to acquiring new customers?
  • How can your knowledge or skills address those challenges?
  • Are there any specific strategies or techniques you can offer to help companies attract and retain more customers?
  • What unique insights or perspectives do you have on customer acquisition that could be valuable to businesses?

By answering these questions, you’ll be able to identify ways in which you can help companies increase their customer base and demonstrate the value of your expertise to corporate clients.

Some examples of how to connect your expertise to helping companies get more clients:

If you’re a website whiz, you can help them optimize their sites for search engines and attract more leads (and more leads means more customers).

If you’re a storytelling pro, you can help them improve their presentation skills so they can close more clients.

If you’re an expert in social media, you can help them leverage different social media platforms to attract more customers.

It’s all about finding the sweet spot, where your skills meet their needs for more revenue.

2. How can you help a company increase the amount each customer spends?

Making more sales isn’t the only way to increase profit. Another way is to increase the average amount each customer spends with the company.

If you’re a sales coach, that’s a no brainer. You could create an audit of the company’s sales processes and provide a plan to increase the amount of each sale.

But what if your expertise isn’t as directly tied to revenue?

Here are some examples:

If you’re a financial consultant, you could help the company create and implement a loyalty program that incentivizes their customers to spend more.

If you’re a customer experience specialist or relationship coach, you could help the company identify opportunities in their sales processes to upsell, cross sell, or down sell other products and services.

Depending on the company’s industry, you could get creative here. If you’re a health expert, for example, you could find companies that sell natural or health-related products and guide them in building complementary online courses to offer their existing customers.

3. How can you help companies retain their staff?

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now. For the first time in over ten years, employee engagement has dropped. With the advent of “quiet quitting,” it’s the perfect time for corporations to focus on their cultures so they can better retain talent.

Here are examples of how different experts could help companies with this challenge:

If you’re a leadership coach, it’s fairly obvious that you can help teams learn to resolve conflict and foster better communication.

But if your expertise isn’t as directly tied to retaining talent, there are still many ways you can help companies.

If you’re a wellness expert, you could partner with companies to create competitive health and wellness programs that increase employee satisfaction and retention. Employees value these programs more than ever and are very interested in learning strategies like healthy eating, meditation, ergonomics, and more.

If you’re a parenting coach, you could help new parents develop the skills they need to improve sleep and manage their new roles.

If you’re an HR consultant, you could help the company develop flexible schedules or remote work options that allow employees to manage their personal lives and stay productive at work.

By focusing on employee engagement and retention, you can help corporate clients build stronger teams with higher morale and long-term success.

4. How can you help the company increase productivity?

In your day-to-day life, I’m sure you see many examples of companies who could drastically improve their processes and productivity. If you’ve ever stood in line for more than 20 minutes at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription or spent hours at the DMV, I’m sure you’ve had creative ideas for how to improve their services!

Increased productivity can mean more sales in less time or an increase in hours worked, which improves results.

As an expert, there are many ways you could help with this:

If you’re a technology consultant, you could help companies implement more efficient systems which enable them to make more sales in less time.

Health impacts productivity, too. If you’re a health or wellness expert, you could help companies implement systems and strategies that reduce sick days or injuries.

Sell to Corporate - How to Build Your Plan to Sell to Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Your Next Steps for Selling to Corporate

The main shift you need to make for selling to corporate is to think about how you can help companies increase profit.

Most experts lead with what they do, instead of how they help. The next time someone asks you what you do, try reframing your answer and sharing how you help, instead.

Then, reflect on the different ways you can help small, medium, and large businesses:

  • How can you help increase the number of customers?
  • How can you help increase the average amount their customers spend with them?
  • How can you help them retain staff?
  • How can you help increase productivity?

Once you reflect on this, we would love to hear your ideas for how you can help corporations in the comments below!

If you’re ready to take the next step and start working with small, medium, and large businesses, we can help.

In the Get Corporate Clients Masterclass, we will create a strategic plan so you can start selling to corporate. We will work through how to get specific in your area of expertise and how to talk differently about what you do, including how to:

  • Transition your expertise into a strategic corporate offer
  • Develop a profile and hot prospect list of the perfect types of companies to target
  • Get in front of the right decision maker, including 50+ different strategies you can use to reach and market to them (even if you don’t have contacts in the company)
  • Create your offer for corporate clients, which can include as much or as little of your time as you would like
  • Craft your proposal to get a quick “yes,” including the questions you need to ask in the client meeting so you can write it in 10 minutes
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