How to Move Beyond One-on-One Work as a Coach or Consultant

How do you move beyond your one-to-one work as a coach or consultant?

This question is the key to making the shift to really grow your business fast. The problem is there are so many different options for how you could do this.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create a membership site
  • Host virtual retreats
  • Do high-level coaching
  • Lead live workshops
  • Lead online workshops
  • Write a book
  • Create an online course

All you have to do is look in your inbox to get overwhelmed with all the different ideas for how you should expand your business.

The key to avoiding overwhelm is this: instead of asking yourself what you should offer next, shift your question to “what do I want to get up and do every day?”

That question is what you need to think about when creating what’s next for you and your business. It is the secret to building the next level of growth in a business that you love.

The truth is, any option will work for you once you have a one-to-many offer that allows you to serve a large audience. With an online course, you can serve one-to-many. Once you build a following in your online course, you can choose how you want to offer deeper levels of support.

The reason why it’s crucial to ask yourself what you want to get up and do everyday is because it’s so easy to build a business that is successful, but you don’t really love working in everyday. We know this from our own experience. When I first started our coaching and consulting business, I did what every expert does – sold our time. I was working one-to-one and traveling all over the place.

Every new level of success in the business had me doing more of something that I didn’t enjoy doing. It wasn’t until I realized that I had created something that I didn’t enjoy that I had to go back and look at this question.

I want you to think about it right now before you create anything else.

What do you want to get up and do every day? I sat down, took out my journal, and really started to work through what a perfect day would look like for me. What did this look like?

I started to make a list and the list sounded like:

  • Have free time to do things that inspired me, like learn, read, and write
  • Have big chunks of time in the week that were free for me just to create
  • Work with highly committed clients

Today, I’m working solo in my home office. I use those days to create new content like writing or shooting video. Tomorrow I’ll be doing something different, working with the team to craft a private client’s online course. The next day, I’ll leading virtual workshops for our community. The next day, I’ll be working on our strategy for the next year with our COO.

The rhythm of my week and of my life is really based on what I’ve created in the business and how the two work together.

When you think about what you want to get up and do every day, that’s going to help you decide what you should be offering and the way that you offer your expertise to your audience.

For example, I like to go deep and work with clients on the business development strategy for their businesses. This is why we offer private course creation services.

The one thing that you have to have in place, no matter what else you want to do, is a way to serve your audience, one-to-many.

You have to have leveraged product that you create once and market it over and over. This allows you to serve over and over without having to recreate anything. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend online courses as the basis of your business.

Examples of some of the online courses our team has created with experts like you

Once you have an online course, you get a surplus of demand for what you do. You will find a multitude of people who want to go deeper with you. The best part: you get to choose what you want to do next. You can decide if you want to do that virtual retreat, or host destination retreats, or fly all over the world. It creates the freedom for you to take your business and snap it together like Lego blocks to create the life that you want.

That’s what we really all signed up for when we decided we wanted to be entrepreneurs. We want to create the freedom to live the life that we imagined while we make a really big impact with the work we want to do.

I invite you to think about what you want to get up and do every day. What is your life going look like? That’s the key to figuring out how you snap together the right blocks to create the business that you want to go into every day.

I’d love to hear what you want to get up and do every day, and we can inspire each other as entrepreneurs to really create the life we imagine.

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