Want our team to create and build your online course?

We are a highly experienced and specialized team of course creation experts who have created online courses in all kinds of niches, serving tens of thousands of students and generating millions in revenue.

We work with expert entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage their expertise and scale their businesses with evergreen online courses.


Speak with one of our Fast Track Coaches to tell us about your idea and learn how we create courses for experts like you.

Our Team of Expert Strategists, Curriculum Developers, Copywriters, Designers, and
Web Developers Will Become YOUR
Course Creation Team and... 

Refine Your Course Idea and Positioning for Sellability

Get Clear on Your Course Transformation

Create Your Complete Course Content Storyboard

Design Beautiful Slide Deck Templates for Your Course Content

Create Custom-Branded Templates for Your Tools, Worksheets, and Guides

Custom-Brand Your Course Hosting Platform

Complete Technical Setup of Your Course Hosting Platform and Input Your Content

Write and Design Your Custom Course Sales Page

Create Your Social Media Assets to Promote Your Course

We are the creators of The Expert Experience Method™, a proven brain-based course creation system that engages your students, gets them to the finish line, and sets you apart as a thought leader.

Our Team Works With Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Scale and Leverage Their Expertise With an Online Course

Our Done-for-You Online Course Creation Services Are Right for You If:

You plan to generate multiple 6 or 7-figures with your offer.

You value speed and don't want to take 6 months (or more) to create your online course.

You know every month you are not selling is costing you money.

You are building a business – not a replacement job.

Your focus is creating revenue that does not include YOU in the mix.

You know you need more than tech support.

You want a strategy to lead in your niche, including how to position your point of difference, how to price, and design the right back-end business model.

You value specialized knowledge – both your own and the people you partner with.

You want to stay in your zone of genius and bring on experts to help you go faster, and you are willing to invest in that expertise.

You have something compelling to offer and need help figuring out how to stand out in all the online noise.

The Process We'll Work Through to Custom-Craft Your Online Course

In this phase, you will meet with your dedicated Course Creation Team to walk through the creation schedule for your online course. You'll have one point of contact throughout your project for any questions and scheduling (no need to field emails from multiple people and manage a team of freelancers). 

In the Strategy phase, we will zone in on your point of difference so you stand out in the crowded online space. You will walk away with a Transformation Statement that will guide your entire course creation journey (so it's easy to know which content to include, and what to leave out).

In this phase, our Curriculum Development Experts will work with you to create your Course Content Storyboard, which will lay out every module of your course, every tool, and every learning objective in one  easy-to-read document. 

Our Design Team then gets to work creating your custom-made slide deck template, tool template, and online course hosting portal. 

Finally, our Tech Team will complete the technical setup of your course hosting platform, including inputting all of your content, so it's ready to welcome your students! 

Our team will develop a "plug and play" marketing plan based on our in-the-trenches experience, your ideal client, and your offer. Our designers will then create your social media promotion assets to attract your ideal students.

We've Worked With Clients In a Wide Variety of Niches and Industries

"They are experts in the process."

“They are experts in the process and ask exactly the right amount of the creator and nothing more.

The response time was lightning fast. The team members knew their roles. In addition to the service accelerating and improving my product pipeline, Simple Seven Digital is a really well-run company where I felt confident about what was happening in the background.

They took my trust and honored it. I cannot say enough about the effectiveness of the partnership. I work over full-time and was building my course on the side. And I was able to because of their contribution. I will use them again and again.”

– Dr. Ashley

A doctor helping people worldwide liberate themselves from diet culture.

"I felt really proud of what we have created."

“I was really impressed with the level of sophistication and the marketing strategy, as well as the way they formatted the tools and the sales page.

I literally fell in love with the way they did things. It was just amazing, because you could tell they really have expertise in design and in marketing. They took my logo and integrated the logo and colors throughout the course, leveraging the concepts of jazz, music, neuroscience, productivity, and diversity.

I felt really proud of what we have created. I thought it was amazing, and they did an amazing job.”

– Gerald L.

Motivational expert, sales consultant, entertainer, and author

"I felt like I had a true partnership."

“I felt like I had a true partnership – people I could brainstorm with that were adding so much value to the process.

The team really sorted my thinking and took my overwhelm away around the content and some of the technical aspects.”

– Stefanie F.

Speaker, team builder, and recruitment consultant helping salons grow 

"It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end."

“The biggest benefit I found was the incredible ability to put together all my thoughts and experiences into a well organized course.

I wouldn’t improve anything about working with the Simple Seven team. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.”

– Andres B.

An explosive content creator helping fresh talent take their platforms to the next level. 

About Our Team

We are a highly experienced and specialized team of course creation experts, who have created online courses in all kinds of niches, serving tens of thousands of students and generating millions in revenue.

Recognized as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Education Companies in the United States 2 years in a row by INC Magazine, our team has worked with startup entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations to create transformational content that helps their students get results.

Our course design system has been adopted by best-selling authors and global brands like Estee Lauder, Aveda, 3M, Princess Cruises, and more.

We have helped thousands of experts to create their online courses in an our online programs.

One of the most common questions we get is “Can you do this for me?” This is what inspired us to offer this premium level of support in creating your online course.

We want to support experts like you in getting your work out in the world in a bigger way without you having to step out of your zone of genius.

I’m excited for you to connect with our team to see if it this is a right fit.

Madison Peralta
CEO, Simple Seven Digital

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